Yaad & Sarig Computers and Communication Ltd

Yaad & Sarig Computers and Communication Ltd was established in 1973. The Company provides advanced clearing solutions, for both bank standing orders and credit cards since 2000.
Software and servers are all company owned and developed by company employees.
The company was founded by Mr. Sarig Efraim. The software products were designed with an emphasis on accounting, since Mr. Sarig is a bookkeeper and accountant.

At the beginning of 2010, Yaad Payments & Loyalty LTD acquiring company of Yaad Sarig Computers and Communications was the first company in Israel that launched an innovative service that allows businesses charging credit card directly from an iPhone.

The application is connected directly to the credit card companies in Israel and meets all required security standards. The application approved and recommended by credit card companies in Israel. These days it developed to make magnetic transactions directly from the device through a range of accessories, which are supported by the application.

In the middle of 2010, the company launched the iPOS in cooperation with Leumi Card (the second largest company in Israel). iPOS is a joint project that enables businesses that work with Leumi Card to charge credit cards through a revolutionary iPhone application.

At the end of 2007 Yaad Payments signed an agreement with Visa CAL under which they will market advanced credit card processing solutions under the trade name Yaad Payments to small businesses that make telephone and internet transactions.

Yaad Payments is one of the only companies in Israel that is authorized by the credit card companies to acquire a large client base wherein the money at the end of the month moves from the credit card companies to Yaad Payments, and automatically from Yaad Payments to the merchant directly.

Yaad Payments is one of the few companies authorized by Shva Ltd. to provide both payment and hosting payments servers for credit card systems.

Yaad Payments fully complies with the PCI-DSS Level 1 standard as a service provider.

Yaad Sarig Computers and Communications is recognized as s service provider of Masav Ltd for payments and money transfers.

Yaad Payment's programs are recognized by the Israeli tax authority as authorized program for issuing receipts with digital signatures.

Company Products

iPay for iPhone:

The most advanced credit card processing application in Israel, includes support for multiple devices, the ability to synchronize information between devices, the possibility to disconnect a lost / stolen device from afar, magnetic printing transactions using a variety of Post-supported devices as well as support for multiple currencies. The system is connected to the advanced management interfaces and the data is synchronized in real time.

Yaad Pay VT

YaadPay Virtual Terminal is a platform for magnetic and telephone transactions. Thanks to this interface, transactions can be made from all over the world through your web browser. The program enables you to search and display through your transaction history.

Yaad Pay Gateway

YaadPay Gateway is a complete solution for websites and external software for charging credit cards. This system includes a simple interface for programmers to extend and includes SSL encryption for every page as needed. In addition, this system connects to an advanced administration interface that enables manual transactions.

Invoices sign by a digital certificate:

The module is connected to settlement systems so as to automatically create digitally signed invoices in order to be sent via e-mail to the client. Invoices are saved in case of a need to print copies or transfer documents and accounting software.

Standing orders by credit card (debit subscribers):

A certified advanced system that allows a credit card billing subscription format. The system must define the agreement of each customer once and from then on they will automatically charge, depending on the frequency and number of charges that have been defined.

Payment Service Provider (IPSP):

An advanced solution that enables businesses to provide payment processing services for its customers. The system includes accounting systems with customers, generated user reports and invoices to merchant. The system is connected to all settlement systems and thus allows advanced clearing solutions including a solution for billing